Monday, July 8, 2019

Costa Rica 2019 - Day 7


It's Laura and Jeremy here and we're here to tell you all about our adventures on Sunday.

We started the morning eating breakfast at our beautiful hotel complete with a suspension bridge! The bridge overlooked the Colorado River (different river) and was scary but so cool! We were then on our way to zip lining, but not without a few hiccups. On our way to La Fortuna we found ourselves right in the middle of a bike race! We were stopped a few times, once for about a half hour, to let the bikers pass through. The entire drive we were passing and driving alongside these bikers. We had fun cheering them on! We stopped at a bakery for some treats, had a delicious buffet lunch, and then finally arrived at zip lining. A few of us went to a nature preserve for a guided tour to look at some animals, sloths included! The rest of us braved the heights and had a blast zip lining. We lucked out with the weather and only had a bit of rain despite down pouring just an hour before we got there. 

Exhausted from a fun afternoon, we headed to Sarapiqui to camp out in our platform tents. The tents have beds, an attached bathroom, and a covered outdoor deck overlooking the forest. It poured, lightening and thundered all night making for a beautiful evening in nature. We stayed dry and enjoyed another great Costa Rican dinner, good conversation, and a round of Farkle, a dice game in which Mike destroyed us all, though Mau had a promising come back. Falling asleep to the rain and distant flashes of lightening was so serene and the perfect end to our Sunday.

Submitted by Laura Gay

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Costa Rica 2019 - Day 6

Costa Rica - Day 6

Today we left Nosara and drove NE to a National Park called Rincon de la Vieja.

We hired a guide Hugo who led us on a 3 hour hike. We learned about different species of snakes and other animals indigenous to Costa Rica. We even saw a rattlesnake and lots of little green lizards.  There were lots and lots of stairs which we divided and conquered. We also learned about the 4 different types of tropical forests. Cloud forest, Rain forest, moist forest and dry forest. We saw a bunch of Killer trees that latch onto healthy trees and kill them by blocking the sun to the healthy tree. As we were leaving we saw a group of white faced monkeys. We survived the hike after spotting the rattlesnake.

After the hike we checked into our hotel called Canyon de la Vieja Lodge.  Some of us went to the pool and others took hot showers for the 1st time this week due to water was cold from previous hotel. BRRR!

We are enjoying a great meal at the hotel restaurant.

Submitted by Jean Hepner

Costa Rica 2019 - Day 5

Costa Rica Friday  - Day 5

Today was the dedication of the houses we built. It was a very emotional and moving experience, and tears were flowing as the families expressed their gratitude in having their dreams fulfilled.  The strength of their faith in God brought them to this day. One of the mothers, Jorlenis, shared her joy and gratitude with such passionate conviction that she and husband will be able to raise their family in a new, dry and secure home. She invoked God's blessings on our Lombard team and we definitely felt filled with God's graciousness. 
We explained how generous people back home donated money for the materials and paid labor for their houses. We presented the families with sealed envelopes containing the list of the donors and asked the families to pray for the donors and to ask God to bless them for their part in building the houses. 

After the dedication we went to Lagarta Lodge up in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There we had drinks while watching the sun set. It was a beautiful sight and the clear skies produced a gorgeous sunset. 

After Lagarta Lodge we went to a restaurant in Nosara, where Maximo had reserved the entire upstairs for us. There were almost 30 of us - our team of 16 plus many local persons who helped build the houses. We enjoyed a delicious dinner, and said our goodbyes to our Costa Rican friends. 
Tomorrow we leave our hotel in Nosara and head inland for our R&R. 
Our experience this week was everything we could have wished for. We completed building 2 houses, we developed warm relationships with many people who live here, we built a strong loving community within our own group, we enjoyed learning about Costa Rican culture (and food), and we have wonderful memories we will cherish forever. We give thanks to God for all these blessings. 

Written by Christine Tani

The group after the dedication.

Submitted by Doris Carter

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Costa Rica 2019 - Day 4

Day 4 - Written by Mike McGuire

Today was the first day with everyone at the work site. Some team members helped erect panels for the second house. Others started work on the screens and windows, some painted, and built stairs up to the platform. 

It was impressive to see the two houses built up on one platform, with a staircase welcoming the families to their new homes. The group was assisted by many Costa Rican workers; family members and others alike. Work began on dedication plaques that will hang above the front door of each home. 

We ended the day with a relaxing dip in the pool and a delicious dinner.

Day 4 - Written by Doris Carter

It felt a little odd today that we weren’t celebrating July 4th. If we were home, we would have been getting ready to go to a barbecue and to go see fireworks. However, we had a great day in Costa Rica.  

Since materials we needed weren’t going to arrive at the job site until noon, we had  the morning to go visit one of the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.  Once we got to the job site, there was a flurry of activity for the rest of the day. We were making window frames and installing windows, making screen frames and installing frames, painting, and building stairs, railings and and benches.  And by the end of the day, the two homes were done! We are looking forward to the home dedications tomorrow. 

P.S. At lunch time, we were treated to a show of about a dozen howler monkeys in the trees behind the homes we were building. 

Costa Rica 2019 - Day 3

Day 3

Submitted by Doris Carter

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Costa Rica 2019 - Day 2


We started our day with a wonderful pancake breakfast prepared by our most gracious host, Mao. 
It was a little hotter than yesterday with 87 degrees and high humidity. 

We took the first load of panels to the house site and the offsite team started putting up the first house! A small team made a trip to the lumber yard for more supplies while the rest of our crew continued making and painting panels. All 54 panels for both houses were completed in spite of a late afternoon down pour. We finished our day hot and tired but feeling very satisfied and proud of our hard work! 

We enjoyed cooling off in the pool before enjoying another delicious meal and camaraderie. 

We look forward to Wednesday where we’ll all go to the house site and continue working on the houses. 

Written by Peggy Livermore

Monday, July 1, 2019

Costa Rica 2019 - Day 1

Continued thunderstorms last evening—arrived at the hotel—Paz Gallo (don’t try to look it up—there is no website.). Beautiful morning with clear skies—for now.  

Killed a small scorpion in our bath this morning.  Will start work sometime this morning when all the materials arrive.



Written by Dan Jares

Costa Rica 2019 - Day 7

Hola!  I t's Laura and Jeremy here and we're here to tell you all about our adventures on Sunday. We started the morning...