Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Taco Tuesday went international today as we celebrated our hard work by enjoying some delicious tacos at a nearby restaurant.

After some of the group enjoyed exploring the beach early in the morning, the group split into two teams. The main group continued to work on the wall panels, while some went on to work on a different task.

A group of four went to one of the sites to work with the local team to lay the foundation.  It was the team's first chance to meet the family, who pitched in to help.  The site was surrounded by the family's children, who were fascinated by all the activity.  They brought great joy to the site.

The work of mixing the concrete, loading it into wheelbarrows, pushing it through the mud, and pouring it into place was arduous.  No one gave up.  The shack that the family currently lives in formed a backdrop to the work...reminding the team of the importance of its efforts.

The group working on the panels powered through all, but the final two panels.  We will finish the final two panels Wednesday morning, since we are waiting on a few more supplies to finish.  After the panels are completed Wednesday morning, they will be moved to the sites.  We have been very grateful for having good weather to complete our work in.  The goal remains to finish two houses this week so that two more families can have decent homes that will keep them safe and dry.

The group is excited to start putting all the different components together tomorrow to create a new house for the homeowner, which they will create into a home.  Some of the work has been hard, but the mission is clear, and the fellowship is strong.

Written by Brianna and Brian

Monday, June 26, 2017

First Day of Work

We all gathered right after breakfast to get our refresher/instructions on putting together the panels right here on the grounds of our lovely hotel.
Our goal is to make today and tomorrow 54 panels in total – half to be painted by us, half to be painted by the new house owner (he will paint those once the house is up).   We split out into 3-4 person groups with each group contributing the number of panels each group was able to make over the course of the day.  We weren’t the quickest off the start but gained speed/efficiency as we went along.  We closed the day with 20 panels done and 34 to go tomorrow.    The weather cooperated with us – no rain but overcast (so sheltered from direct sun effects) and a refreshing breeze every once in a while. 
While others were building panels, Christine and I went with Pastor Carlos and Manuel to help with the foundation on the first house we’ll work on.  On the way there and on the way back, we stopped at the home of the family for whom we will be building the second house.  That family has just been blessed with a new birth approximately a week ago so we were only able to meet the husband, brother, sister-in-law and the four other children who ranged in age from 2 to 6. 
Helping with the foundation consisted of “anchoring” the cement blocks (upon which the panels will be mounted) with our own personally mixed mortar.  After a few hours of that, remaining stuck-on mortar was removed with our trowels and a lot of elbow grease. 
Back at the hotel after sunset, we joined the rest of the group in the pool.  Most of them had been to the beach to enjoy the waves. 
Dinner was out at our local outside pizza parlor “Pepperoni’s.” 

We’re all in high spirits and looking forward to finishing the panels tomorrow. 
Written by Jane Miller

We made it!

We arrived safely to Nosara, Costa Rica.  We met at the airport at 5 am and ended our day with our arrival to the Teak Pacific Hotel around 7:30 pm.  It was a long day of travel.  As always, we enjoyed fellowship and many laughs on the bus ride to the hotel. Once we arrived, we met with Maximo and his crew to learn about the plan for our week.  We also had a chance to cool off in the pool and enjoy getting to know each other.  We will be adding to this blog daily.  Each day we will have a team of writers giving you a rundown of our day.   We start building walls in the morning.  God Bless and Good Night.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

5 days and counting

Five days until our group of 18 adults head to Nosara, Costa Rica.  Stay tuned for daily updates and pictures.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Costa Rica final day - Monday, July 6, 2015

Today is our last day in Costa Rica and we were awoken to the sounds of macaws.  After a traditional Costa Rican breakfast (eggs, rice, black beans, toast and juice) we boarded the bus to go to the crocodile tour.  The tour took us inland about 6 km and then we turned and headed towards to the ocean.  On the tour we saw a variety of birds and many crocodiles.  The largest crocs were 18 feet long and about 70-80 years old.  One of the boat crew members got out of the boat and hand feed the crocs chicken so that we could fully see their enormous size and power.

Next we went to Carara's Universal Trail National Park.  This National Park is very unique because a blind person can go through the park by themselves with an audio recording that explains everything around them and directions on how to follow the path.  The path is paved so it is accessible to walkers and wheelchairs. There we saw iguanas, a poison arrow dart frog, and cutter ants.  As volunteers we scrubbed part of the path that had been closed for four weeks because of a tree that was about to fall.  They finally cut the tree down and now the path has been reopened.

Last, we had a barbecue at Maximo's brother's house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  After lunch two members of the Mercy Homes Ministry shared their faith stories and how they came to work for Mercy Homes.

This has been a wonderful trip. Although we came to give we all realize, in fact, that we received more than we gave.

Crocodile River Tour

Getting ready to clean the Universal Trail - Carara National Park

Carara National Park Universal Trail

Enjoying the Carara National Park

Rest and relaxation at Maximo's brother's home

Rest and relaxation at Maximo's brother's home
White Face Monkeys

View of Pacific Ocean from Maximo's brother's home

Costa Rica (1st Day) R & R


The authors of today's blog are Cy and Rosie (Christine's grandchildren). Today was our first official non-work day and it was wonderful. We had the pleasure of attending the Church of Life which took place on the beach.  Roger, the pastor, talked mainly about the book of Galations and how obeying religious laws are not a bad thing but they will not guarantee a spot in heaven.  Only a relationship with God can guarantee a seat next to the Big Guy.  After the service most of us went snorkeling in the local tidal pools.  After we had our fun in the sun we traveled 5 hours to hotel Carara in Tarcoles.

In the beginning of the week we were asked what we hoped to leave behind in Nosara after the houses were built.  I hope that what we have left behind is evidence that God prevails over all things.  Faith brings people from all over the world together to do great things in Gods name.  I hope we have left behind an example of how faith can change lives in just a couple of days.  Finally, I hope we have left the two families with a desire and a passion to help others in the name of the Lord.  As someone said during service today "we are not saved by good deeds, but saved for good deeds".  As we return back home, we will remember the time we have spent and the lessons we have learned.

Loading the Bus for our 5 hour drive to The Central Pacific

Sunday Service on the beach with the Church of Life

Sunday Service on the beach

Getting ready for fun in the sun. Swimming and snorkeling at the beach.


Taco Tuesday went international today as we celebrated our hard work by enjoying some delicious tacos at a nearby restaurant. After som...